Resolutions for 2013

I like New Years’ resolutions. They are hopeful and happy. They are reflective and cathartic. Every year, I write down ten resolutions on a slip of paper, seal it in a little envelope, and keep it in my desk. It’s a bit like a time capsule by the end; although I like to keep my resolutions vague enough to be achievable, they have somehow still become a crystalline look back at my expectations and ambitions for a fresh, unsullied year of life.

The events of this past week are not something I’m ready to comment on publicly, but they have taught me that we must live in order to honor those that don’t get the chance. And ultimately, that is my whole plan for 2013.

Broken down, it looks like this:

1. Be happy.
2. Read everything.
3. Listen to people and to music.
4. Travel to new places and old places too.
5. Write fiction.
6. Write nonfiction.
7. Save money.
8. Do new things.
9. Eat well and healthy.
10. Learn.

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