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Friday Favorite: Marie Hines

single cover

single cover

I’ve been listening to Marie Hines for years now, and what’s more, I’m proud to say that I have contributed in a small way to her success by writing bios for her past three releases. I’ve been so impressed with the young Nashville singer/songwriter’s bright, blushing melodies from the beginning, but her newest effort, a collection of love songs called The Tide and the Sea, is as bold and mercurial as I have ever seen her, and I cannot praise it enough.

The Tide and the Sea begins briskly, a crisp breeze fluttering through spring grass, playful and steady. “My Love Will Never Fail You,” the expansive, glittering single, makes confident declarations on the origins of love with lyrics like, “I don’t believe in chance. I think it’s the choice we make, and I choose you for the rest of my days,” its melody expanding into broad, undulating layers of a soaring orchestral spectrum. “In My Arms,” co-written with fellow Nashville songwriter Justin Halpin, is a richly textured, sanguine tune with a spirited rhythm. The golden, ebullient “Always Been You,” another Justin Halpin co-write, boasts the title lyric – “You be the tide; I’ll be the sea. The rise or fall brings you home to me, brings you home to me. It’s always been you, love.” – and acts as the magnetic, whimsical cornerstone of Marie’s silvery tunes.

“Forever Falling for You,” co-written with Justin Tam of Nashville folk band Humming House, is a glowing, ethereal track with lyrics warm and hopeful: “We’ll build a house someday; we’ll build a home in the meantime.” And the lilting, dramatic “Forever Mine,” co-written with Justin Halpin and featuring background vocals by Marie’s new fiancé Ben Ringel of Nashville blues band The Delta Saints, swells and diminishes in arresting, elegant strokes, closing the album with an exultant, richly resonant ballad of halcyon love, repeating the chorus: “Oh my love, my life, always you and I, steady as we rise; be forever mine.”

Listen to the new single on Spotify, and look for the love song EP, The Tide and the Sea, on 02/12/13. I highly recommend her past work as well, Worth the Fight and HeartCrash in particular, and for more info about Marie, see http://www.mariehines.com.


Discovery Thursday: Andrew Belle

just a regular guy

Local Nashvillian singer/songwriter Andrew Belle is probably one of Music City’s most promising new artists. He’s working hard to grow his fan base organically (which I majorly appreciate; I like musicians who have earned their success as opposed to just stumbled into it), currently touring across the country. Belle is also a member of the critically acclaimed Ten Out Of Tenn, 10 folksy singer/songwriters that call Nashville home but tour together and play collaboratively onstage (similar to Hotel Cafe). Andrew released his debut EP All Those Pretty Lights in 2008 and his debut full-length album The Ladder on February 23, 2010. His musical styling is often compared to Coldplay, The Fray, and John Mayer, but his vocals are memorable and unique despite Belle’s gentle, understated approach. Fans and critics often refer to his songs as “smart pop,” defining the term as nuanced melodies and sophisticated, contemplative lyrics coupled with bold, infectious hooks.

Head over to Andrew Belle’s MySpace for a listen – “The Ladder,” “Don’t Blame Yourself,” “Make It Without You” are all highlights of the new album – or see below for my absolute favorite song, “Static Waves,” featuring Katie Herzig:

Haunted by Taylor Swift

Okay, so I am definitely not a fan of Taylor Swift. I can respect her ability to write and sing songs that teenage girls freak over. I can appreciate her showmanship and strength to tour consistently. I can even admire her devotion to remaining a “nice, normal girl,” despite earning millions every year. But I can’t pop her album into my stereo, roll down the window, and sing along. I just can’t.

However, with all that said, the song “Haunted” from her most recent album, Speak Now, is incredible – epic and darkly powerful, with robust instrumentation and a very ominous strings section.

This is a pretty cool looking video of the track with a weird little interview in the middle:

Oh, Taylor. You’re alright.

Friday Favorite: Kate Nash


Kate Nash has been a usual suspect on playlists of mine for about three years now. I heard her first on my Britpop Pandora station, just a few days before her debut album Made of Bricks came out in the UK, an album that reached #1 on the UK charts and eventually went platinum. I’ve been in love ever since.

Nash’s music feels like an adorably rebellious, wickedly sharp ode to the eclectic. Each song is cleverly penned and expertly played, both recognizable and unique. Even at 23, Kate Nash touches on everyday themes with playful honesty and subtle poignancy.

Kate’s most recent album, My Best Friend is You, is an even broader range of influences and sounds. From her first album, my favorite tracks are the single “Foundations,” “Dickhead,” “Skeleton Song,” and “Merry Happy.” From the new album, that was released in the US last May, my favs are “Paris,” single “Do Wah Doo,” “Take Me to a Higher Plane,” “Later On,” and “Pickpocket.”

I’ve never seen her live because she spends so little time touring in the States. I watch her MySpace pretty consistently, hoping against hope that she’ll stop somewhere even remotely close to Nashville sometime soon. Watch her first video from My Best Friend is You. Isn’t she just magnetic?