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Friday Favorite: Foxy Shazam

they caraaaazy

Foxy Shazam, y’all.  They’ve been blowing my mind.  I can’t stop listening.  Ever since I saw them at a show at The End in Nashville earlier this week (which we actually went to to see Hollerado, whom I expounded upon in yesterday’s post), their self-titled album has been on constant rotation – on my alarm clock, a Pandora radio station at work, in the car, on my iPod while I work out….  I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed.  And can you blame me?!  Their brand of glam funk rock is so utterly mesmerizing; it’s a kind of music rich and electric, magnetic in the fullness of their sound and the vibrancy of their performance.  Foxy Shazam is a six-piece from Cincinnati frequently compared to Queen, Meat Loaf, and The Darkness.  And that live show on Tuesday was, simply put, a spectacle.  I had never heard of them before, and I consider myself lucky for being at that show.

Now, I know that you guys trust my opinion in all things fabulous in the music world, but I say!  Don’t!  See for yourself!  You all just head on over to their MySpace, and listen to “Count Me Out,” the single “Unstoppable,” “Bye Bye Symphony,” and “Wanna-be Angel.”  Like right now.  Or no, wait.  Watch this totally insane music video of “Oh Lord.”  Then go, go, go!  HAPPY FUNK-ROCKIN’ WEEKEND TO ALL.