Michael Collins

I’ve never thought of myself as a cat person, but this week, I adopted a stray cat from the courtyard of my apartment. I named him Michael Collins, after the modern day Irish hero that lead the rebellion that became Ireland’s fight of Independence from England in the 1920s.

fearsome to behold

And if this Michael Collins character interests you, I offer two options for learning more: 1. You can watch the slightly Hollywood-ified version of the Easter Rising and the events that followed, known by the same name, made in 1996, and featuring Liam Neeson as MC himself; or 2. You can read Bloody Sunday, by James Gleeson, for gripping albeit nonfiction insights into the true happenings of the IRA and their battles.

this is the book

this is the cat


One response to “Michael Collins

  1. I’m so behind the times, but awesome! I love Michael Collins as the name. I also want to read that book… my list just keeps on growing, thanks to you.

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