This Time in Recent History

The impending spring always makes me retrospective for some reason. I don’t know if it’s something about finally being able to stand up straight and breathe in fresh air (as opposed to huddling against the cold and staying inside) or realizing how much I’ve missed the sun, but spring just has a way of reminding me of good times past.

So today, I was sifting through old photos and decided to post a few from springs of the previous few years. Five years ago, I was going to senior prom. Wooooow. L-R high school girlfriends: Courtney Mock, Emily Singleton, Vicki Beall.


Four years ago, I was in college in Manhattan and really enjoying the spring weather in contrast to a much harsher than I’m used to New York winter. This is a picture of my roommate Muneeba Raza and I getting ready to attend a friend’s percussion recital.


By Spring 2008, I had moved to Nashville and was fortunately making lots of new friends. Here are just a couple of Belmont girls at a basketball game, L-R: Jersey Ross, Steph Elder, Candie Walter.


For 2009, I had a couple of good pictures to choose from but this one with Tyler I like best. I don’t even know when exactly or why it was taken, but we look happy.


This picture is from my birthday in 2010 and is typical of a night with my very good friend Katie Feldhaus.


And this photo was taken just a few weeks ago.


So much happened in between the times at which these pictures were taken, but as is the nature of things. I do my best to document the important events in life and the not-so-important ones too, but you just can’t record it all, can you?


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