Homemade Pizza Like Whoa

Once a week, my friend Jess and I get together and make dinner. Sometimes, it’s the only day in seven that I spend more than 15 minutes in the kitchen. Other times, it’s the catalyst for a fortnight’s snacks and dinners and desserts. Either way, I enjoy our culinary adventures together like I enjoy working out with a friend – I’m not always 100% certain I want to go through the effort, but I’m always more than ecstatic about the end result. Last night’s menu was quite Italian and quite bold – homemade pizza.

The idea started with a recipe for pizza sauce that a dear friend posted on her blog a long time ago. I wrote it down then and filed it away. Yesterday seemed the perfect time to try it out. We looked up a pretty straightforward pizza dough recipe and stopped by the grocery to pick out toppings.

glorious toppings

The rest of the steps are pretty self-explanatory. We baked breadsticks as an appetizer, brushing them with a melted butter and garlic salt mixture and serving them with a dish of olive oil and Italian seasoning.


I threw together the sauce and she kneaded the dough. I chopped the peppers and she brushed the crust with oil. Together, we created one killer pizza and ate marvelously. And out of the whole experience, I have one secret: homemade pizza sounds like a lot more difficult than it really is. Trust me and try it yourself!

hungry yet?

knead that dough, girl

gourmet, wouldn't you say?

the final product, oven ready


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