The Nashville Retrospect

The Nashville Retrospect has come into my consciousness very recently. Although, from what I can tell, that’s the case for a lot of Nashvillians… at least the ones I’ve been talking to.

According the monthly newspaper itself, “The Nashville Retrospect is a monthly newspaper devoted to Nashville nostalgia and history. It features reprints of long-forgotten news, articles by local historians, and remembrances by older Nashvillians.”

And in my words, it is awesome. What a brilliantly unique idea! How fun for history lovers and citizens of Nashville alike. I’ve only flipped through two issues thus far, but what I’ve seen of it, the article collected are an easy balance of comical and serious pieces, each printed with the original location and date published. I subscribed immediately.

Below are three of the past front pages. I highly recommend that my fellow Nashvillians get with it and spread the word about this clever little window into our past.

look at the little 1910 cars!

proof of global warming: that headline would never be true today

Eleanor Roosevelt was here


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