Shopping for the Occasion

It’s strange, I know, but as much as I love fashion and adore dressing up, I sort of loathe shopping. I’m a priss about shuffling through racks and racks of hangers, and I hate trying on clothes, one after the other. It’s exhausting to me, and quite honestly, no fun at all. So to significantly decrease my time and effort spent on such a dreadful activity, I’ve turned to online shopping for about 70% of everything books, music, or clothing that I buy (and for about as long as I’ve had my own checking account now).

This, of course, has its pros and cons too. No, I can’t try on clothes or shoes before I buy them; yes, this occasionally results in having to send them back. Yes, there’s MUCH more variety and choice involved, but no, I am not tempted to spend every penny on clothes. Yes, I can shop pretty much whenever and wherever  please, but actually, I’ve come up with a semi-workable solution to that problem (yes, being able to shop whenever and wherever is a problem; one could browse her life away!): I shop for occasions. With the obvious exception of wardrobe essentials and seasonal staples, I only buy clothes or shoes for specific events happening in my life. I mean, these events can be as small as “I lost three pounds; I’m celebrating” or as major as a friend’s wedding, a big party, an important meeting at work. It makes the outfit meaningful from that moment on, but not so special that the outfit can’t be worn again and again.

My example for today is the dress I bought for Valentine’s Day this year. It came from ModCloth, which is a site that is easy to browse but slightly more difficult to buy from (and get it right); however, I am confident this little number will be a killer addition to my closet, and more importantly, to our V-Day dinner date.

Without further ado, “The Missing the Pacific Dress:”

Ima look goooood

Also, I’ll probably wear it with the black peep-toe heels I bought for my boyfriend’s band’s NYE show. See the picture I posted of them a while back here.

I just ordered it today, so it’ll probably be on my doorstep Friday afternoon. Maybe I’ll post a follow-up with pictures from the evening. And now, we wait.


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