New Release Tuesday: The Civil Wars

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So normally I would dedicate one of my “Discovery Thursday” posts to my new obsession, a brand new folk band called The Civil Wars, but quite honestly, I can’t wait until Thursday to write about them. Listening to their debut album Barton Hollow (which was released today and is already sitting at #1 on iTunes), I am stunned. HOW HAS THIS BAND ONLY COME INTO MY CONSCIOUSNESS WITHIN THE PAST MONTH?!

Joy Williams and John Paul White are the perfect duo; their dynamics are poised and expressive. Ballads like their breakout hit “Poison and Wine” and “My Father’s Father” wash over me like a summer rain, warm and gentle. But their up tempo tunes, “20 Years” and “Barton Hollow” for example, blaze and flash like an old-world forest fire, harmonies glowing hotly while blistering strings accompany their voices. Even the lone instrumental on their debut, “The Violet Hour,” is elegant and haunting, ethereal piano like a lingering sprig of fresh greenery among the folksy brambles that populate the rest of the album.

Needless to say, I’m totally enthralled with The Civil Wars and their new album Barton Hollow, so I have three suggestions for you, Internet world: 1. Watch the video below of the title track from the album, 2. Go to the band’s MySpace to check out a few more tracks, and 3. BUY THE ALBUM (here it is on Amazon).

You’re welcome.


4 responses to “New Release Tuesday: The Civil Wars

  1. Wow! What a great band. I can see why you couldn’t wait until Thursday

  2. Per your recommendation, I have been listening to my new Civil Wars station all day on Pandora.

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