Discovery Thursday: Andrew Belle

just a regular guy

Local Nashvillian singer/songwriter Andrew Belle is probably one of Music City’s most promising new artists. He’s working hard to grow his fan base organically (which I majorly appreciate; I like musicians who have earned their success as opposed to just stumbled into it), currently touring across the country. Belle is also a member of the critically acclaimed Ten Out Of Tenn, 10 folksy singer/songwriters that call Nashville home but tour together and play collaboratively onstage (similar to Hotel Cafe). Andrew released his debut EP All Those Pretty Lights in 2008 and his debut full-length album The Ladder on February 23, 2010. His musical styling is often compared to Coldplay, The Fray, and John Mayer, but his vocals are memorable and unique despite Belle’s gentle, understated approach. Fans and critics often refer to his songs as “smart pop,” defining the term as nuanced melodies and sophisticated, contemplative lyrics coupled with bold, infectious hooks.

Head over to Andrew Belle’s MySpace for a listen – “The Ladder,” “Don’t Blame Yourself,” “Make It Without You” are all highlights of the new album – or see below for my absolute favorite song, “Static Waves,” featuring Katie Herzig:

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