Postcards from Penguin

I sort of pride myself on my ability to find perfect Christmas presents for the people in my life – not always, not every time, but most Christmases and most people. Some friends are naturally going to be easier than others, but none is as breezy to buy for as my bookworm friend, simply because I know that if I like it and it is 1. beautiful, 2. cozy, 3. book-related, or 4. whiskey-related, she will like it too.

This year, I sent her a collection of Penguin postcards. There are 100 in the box, each printed with a different vintage Penguin UK book cover. Some of them I’ve never heard of and some of them are pure classics, but each of them is beautiful and endearing. It wasn’t 24 hours after I received her collection in the mail that I ordered one for myself as well. (Interestingly enough, they are no longer available from Amazon itself; however, they are offering purchases through other sellers from the Amazon page.)

Today, I received the first Penguin postcard from her – The Great Gatsby.

the box itself looks like a book; how clever!

Getting my long-distance friend’s postcard in the mail absolutely made my day. I immediately sat down to my desk to write a response on the Gatsby postcard from my collection. However, I’ve been having some trouble rationalizing parting with these delightful things. I know that the purpose is to send them away, but the moment I got them, literary decorating ideas popped into my head. And what do you know(!); I’m not the only one. Look at what this lovely designer did to show off her postcards:

great minds think alike

I think I’ll probably do a little of both.

such colors


2 responses to “Postcards from Penguin

  1. these are beautiful in their simplicity, but i what i like the most are the impossibly obscure titles – “keeping poultry and rabbits on scraps?” perhaps its a practical guide for the amateur clodhopper?

  2. Haha, I know! Some of them are really bizarre. Send me your address, Chuck, and I’ll mail you the most obscure one I can find!

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