Whiskey Kitchen


I don’t know if Nashville is known for being a host to a plethora of fabulously trendy and consistently appetizing (it’s difficult to judge from the inside out), but it probably should be. Growing up in a suburb like Germantown, I know what it’s like to feel a lack of restaurant variety. My parents were always complaining about the scarcity of interesting cuisine. Yes, there are plenty of chains and old standards, but so rarely did anything new and exciting happen in our world of dining out.

Nashville, on the other hand, is positively teeming with fun and fascinating places to try. I’ve lived here exactly 3 years now and haven’t even scratched the surface of the deliciousness Music City has to offer.

Part of my issue, though, may have to do with places like Whiskey Kitchen. It’s a tough fork in the road – go somewhere I’ve never been but heard is amazing or go somewhere that has incredible food and a whiskey wall behind the bar (don’t believe me? see below). Yeah. You understand my dilemma now.


If that’s not enough to have you (me) racing to the place, the WK website quotes an old Irish saying:

“‘What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for.’  – Irish Proverb”

Needless to say, Whiskey Kitchen is one of my favorite Nashville originals.

ambrosia (click to enlarge)

If you (I) can get past alllllll the whiskey, the food is fantastic as well. I kind of forget every time I go, and then as I’m sipping my Jameson and figuring out what to order, I catch glimpses of dinners I want to try all over the restaurant – gourmet pizzas, ranchero wraps, Guinness-battered fish, “Tennessee whiskey yam fries,” “black peppercorn caesar.”

However, despite this new dilemma in deciding what to get, I have still been able to distinguish a clear winner – the Grilled Chicken Tacos. Deceivingly simple, these tacos are fresh, flavorful, and filling (pardon the unintended alliteration); the menu describes them plainly: “fresh tomato, cilantro, jalapeño, lettuce, onion, sour cream and white cheddar,” but I’ve found myself craving these guys at odd hours of the night and day (kidding, sort of).

taken from one side of the empty room

and the other

the bar, populated

Overall, Whiskey Kitchen is trendy without being pretentious and gourmet without being expensive, and whether you’re a native or just passing through, WK is a great example of Nashville’s best and should not be missed.


One response to “Whiskey Kitchen

  1. I am salivating as I read this, and it’s not very attractive.

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