New Year, New Woman

Yes, that’s right. It’s 2011, and there are several keys differences between the me of 2010 and the me that I am now. I have collected them into this concise list:

1. I am officially a college graduate, with honors, thankyouverymuch.
2. I am driving a new car, a direct result of #1.
3. I am working full time at a real job (fancy job title and all).
4. I am a professional free lancer. I have proof. (See my portfolio.)
5. I am the editor of a music business textbook, one that will be used at Belmont this semester.

I have different priorities, additional responsibilities, more time, no homework, less money. Overall, I am pleased with my expectations for the year.

This week, I will begin my plans to post regularly with a delicious snack recipe, an awesome new band I’ve discovered, and the books I plan on reading this month.

And this is just a picture I took today:

the new collection of Dickens I got for Christmas is enormous


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