23 Things

I stumbled upon a blog with which I have no connection (which is rare for me, I really prefer reading my long lost friends’ posts as a way of somehow keeping them in my life, if only peripherally (I’m looking at you, Molly, Shayne, Kerry, and Brian)), but I’ve added this one to my blogroll because it’s just so lovely.  One of the more recent posts is a to-do list: 26 things the writer wants to do before she turns 26.  I have roughly 7 months until my next birthday, so I’ll do 23 things before 23.  For the record:

1. Graduate
2. Get a real job
3. Write more letters and emails
4. Visit Baltimore
5. Build up my savings
6. Keep up with my journal
7. Go on a real road trip
8. Read 25 books
9. Write as many reviews/articles, etc. as possible
10. Become a better cook
11. Eat healthier
12. Run consistently
13. Start my book
14. Expand my vinyl collection
15. Live with my sister
16. Travel to Ireland
17. Get a new laptop
18. Successfully grow (and not kill) a small herb garden
19. See as many shows as financially and humanly possible
20. Learn a new song on the piano
21. Be brave enough to chop my hair off
22. Visit good ol’ NYC again (the friends and stomping grounds I still have there)
23. Be happy

the last time I was in the city, it was quite cold


One response to “23 Things

  1. Yay! Baltimore! 25 books! And I WAS brave enough to chop off all my hair… Carey-Mulligan style 🙂

    Hope to see you soon, and talk to you sooner.

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