Discovery Thursday: Hollerado

guess which one's the drummer

I just have to do my Discovery Thursday this week.  My boyfriend showed me this band’s video a few weeks ago and I’ve been learning about them and getting into their music a bit, but after we saw them play earlier this week, I’ve been bursting to toss my professional opinion of them into the winds of the Internet.  Hollerado is totally badass.

Hollerado is a young Canadian indie rock four-piece, hailing from Montick, Ontario originally, that is quickly becoming one of Montreal’s top bands to watch.

We got to see them play a show at The End in Nashville this past Tuesday night.  Currently on tour with Foxy Shazam and Free Energy (the former of which I’ll elaborate on tomorrow as a Friday Favorite), Hollerado is picking up new (American) fans left and right (I myself bought their vinyl LP, complete with digital download).  Their high energy, unpretentious stage presence, and general musical awesomeness is what convinced me.

And in doing a little research and realizing that they have worked relentlessly up the industry ladder and fought their way into the smoldering relevance they’ve cultivated, I now have a new respect for their success.  Their indie label debut is called Record in a Bag, a title which as I understand stems from the fact that they used to burn CDs of their music, package them in ziploc bags, and sell them/give them away at shows to get the word out.

If you’re inclined to get a taste, I suggest “Juliette,” “Do the doot do doot do,” and “Fake Drugs,” all of which can be found on their MySpace.  Also, watch this insane video of their single (which was filmed in one take!):


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