All Hallows’ Eve, Y’all

So as a huge fan of all things outrageous, I tend to reeeally look forward to/get into Halloween.  I love getting creative, I love dressing up, and I love going out.  I’ve had some pretty solid ideas in the past, and I like to think that those around me expect a certain standard of awesome.  I’ve been thinking on this for nearly a month already, but (I’m afraid to say it) I’m a little stumped.  I mean, I have plenty of ideas; what I need is a few friendly pushes in the best direction (read, advice).  You’ll notice that they all have at least one thing in common too – red hair.  I like to work with what I’ve got.  So without further ado, here’s what I’m thinking:

1. Wendy Angela Moira Darling, Peter Pan – Blue dress, curls, and a thimble.

Pros – easy, relatively inexpensive, capability of being sexy Wendy (think blue nightie and heels)
Cons – possibly difficult to identify, could be inappropriate for fall weather

bow in the hair and all

I like the ivy and the acorn necklace

(In conjunction with this idea, I’ve thought of doing John Darling too – like top hat, men’s white button up, boots, glasses, and an umbrella.)

could be really cute

2. Joan Holloway, Mad Men – 60s dress, gold jewelry, heels, and a cigarette.

Pros – sexy without being blatant, could wear the dress out of context
Cons – not many of my friends watch Mad Men, possibly a little pricey

totally pull this off

3. Daphne, Scooby Doo –  Purple dress, green scarf, and headband.

Pros – easy, really inexpensive (I already own a purple dress and a green scarf), pretty recognizable
Cons – not really relevant, pop culture-wise?


4. Wilma, The Flintstones – White dress (possibly two piece), white jewelry.

Pros – unmistakable, could be sexy
Cons – probably have to buy an actual costume

stone age style

5. Emmy Pillsbury, Glee – Cardigan, pencil skirt, eyelashes, heels, bows, collared shirt, and curls.

Pros – fun, pretty easy/inexpensive (I’d put it together from my own closet), oh-so-relevant
Cons – not sexy at all


6. Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – Sparkly strapless red dress, purple opera gloves, and cigarette holder.

Pros – impress everyone, really identifiable
Cons – probably expensive, erring on the slutty side

like whoa

So, those are my options… or at least, the ones I’ve thought of.  And I’m desperate for opinions.  For a reference point, I’ll include a few of my past Halloweens as well.

super hot

had to at least once

I was so annoying that year

like, four years running as a kid


4 responses to “All Hallows’ Eve, Y’all

  1. Does this mean I’ll get to see your costume? BECAUSE I’LL SEE YOU ON HALLOWEEN???

  2. Haha, did I miss something? Is yours a costume wedding? Because that changes a lot of things (the outfit I’m planned as well as my opinion of you…). Just kidding!! Love you! I know you’re just counting down the days! I’m so excited.

  3. No, but Sunday brunch after can be costume brunch!! 🙂


  4. Daphne. no one will recognize the Peter Pan ones, though i think they are good ideas. everyone and their mother will be doing mad men and glee. Wilma= white dress at parties= bad idea. Jessica Rabbit, god love her, will make you look like a whore. and do you really need hallowe’en to be sexy? nah, girl. bring that shit everyDAY.

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