Proper Discord

At work the other day, I was doing some research on top-tier, informal classical music online publications and outlets for a client (read: music blogs), and stumbled across this banner at the top of a blog called Proper Discord.  It caught my attention immediately.  I don’t see it as a grand message, really; I just liked the outlook.  Discord has an awful connotation.  Who ever wants discord – chaos, racket, mayhem – in one’s life, much less in one’s music?  But somehow, the statement still works.  I guess it means that discord can be good… a little cacophony can provide variety, as it says.  Like the title of the blog, there is such thing as appropriate mayhem, or Proper Discord, as it goes.  And okay, maybe I did read into it a bit.  I’m graduating college in 3 months – I need ever ounce of advice I can get (however thickly veiled/reaching it might be).

I love the extremely-difficult-to-get-used-to-reading old English font, too

“The use of discord is twofold : To give a better air to every part of the musick ; and to create variety.”

As a side note, if you can get past the header, the actual blog is fabulously written as well.  If you like classical music and/or strong music-related opinions, it’s worth a click-through.


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