The Piemaker

Over the summer, I’ve had a little more spare time than I normally do.  I have been trying to split my time evenly between watching old TV shows on Netflix Streaming and reading good old-fashioned fiction.  I was doing really well with the balance until I realized both seasons of Pushing Daisies were available.  I was a huge fan of The Piemaker and Chuck from the beginning, often likening it to a whimsical blend of Dr. Seuss and Big Fish.  Watching every episode over again has only deepened my disappointment with ABC in dropping the show mid-second season.  Pushing Daisies was entirely unique in concept, creative design, cinematography, storyline.  I’ve never seen such a vibrantly visionary idea played out with such originality and success.  Each character was accessible and radiantly portrayed, each script subtle and eloquent.

oh, the colors!

This fairy-tale story was about a piemaker named Ned who can bring dead things back to life simply by touching them.  With the help of Emerson Codd, a local PI, Ned uses his ability to solve murder cases, but things get complicated when a murder victim turns out to be Ned’s long-lost childhood crush and he decides to break the rules and let her live.  However, due to the critical condition of Ned’s supernatural power that once he touches something alive, touching it again will resume its original (dead) condition forever, Ned and Charlotte “Chuck” Charles cannot touch.

Other characters include Olive (magnificently portrayed by the lovely Kristen Chenoweth), who works with Ned at The Pie Hole; Emerson Codd, the dry-witted private investigator; and Chuck’s aunts, quirky shut-ins who know nothing of their niece’s alive-again state.

The costumes and set are anachronistic and vintage-y, imaginative and rich with color.  Basically, I’m madly in love with everything about this show.  I mean just look at the fabulous Swoozie Kurtz and Ellen Greene as Aunts Lily and Vivian:

how can you not

And really, can you blame me for falling so hard? Lee Pace is the main character!  Just look at that mug:

beautiful man

Aaand you can’t hate Chuck either (even though Ned’s head-over-heels for her and not you).  Not only is she pretty much the most charming character on the show (and in the history of the world), with a breezy attitude and an incandescent smile, but she also sports some of the coolest fashion.

Chuck has a thing for bees

and pie

Television suffered a great loss when Pushing Daisies was cut.  Is that too dramatic?  No WAY.  I wish there was some sort of cult following in revolt over this… yes, even 3 years later.  Who’s with me?


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