In A Letter From My Father

I was cleaning out my filing cabinet late last night in preparation for my last ever semester of college (which begins today), when I stumbled across a pages-long letter from my dad that he stowed in my backpack the day I left for college.  Every time I read it, I discover some other bit of advice both brilliantly eloquent and uncommonly wise.  However, there is one paragraph that always strikes me straight to the core.  I’ll copy it here (with a few slight paraphrasings):

First and foremost, you were designed and made to function best in life in collaboration with a mate. [… However,] don’t be too quick to give of yourself to anyone. […] You must be certain of his ability to commit himself to worthy pursuits in general, and to you, in particular. […] Don’t rush it.  Learning to know someone – really know him – takes time.  But when you’re sure you’ve found a man worthy of your devotion, pour yourself into the relationship.  It can be the source of your life’s greatest joy, and it can also be the cause of your greatest sorrows.

I am the luckiest girl in the world.

my dad, and some columbia u building


One response to “In A Letter From My Father

  1. You are indeed lucky to have a great dad who loves you deeply and wants the best for you, but you are also lucky in that you don’t think that you know everything and still appreciate your father’s love for you and still want his guidance

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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