Leatherbound Classics

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this ravenous passion for literature.  I’m pretty sure that’s come up before.  My dad read Dr.  Seuss to my sister and me every night before bed for years.  Later, I remember getting in trouble for staying up late on school nights to read.  I hid under the covers with a flashlight (which fooled ’em for sure).  In high school, I would make a list of 40 books to read as part of my New Years’ resolutions.  And I worked as a bookseller at Barnes & Noble in two different cities while in college.

As I swiftly approach the real world (I start my last semester of school this week), I’ve put much more emphasis on efforts related to becoming a self-sufficient adult, which in my mind include decorating a sophisticated apartment with lots of books and old furniture,… among other things like stocking a decent liquor cabinet, researching insurance and credit cards, getting a real job, putting every spare penny into savings, blah blah blah.  Anyway, B&N has this great collection of leatherbound classics that I’ve been eying all summer.  How elegant they all are!  I want them on my shelves so badly.

i think i can safely say i've read about half of these

Turns out you can buy them individually for about $18-20 each (which is outrageously reasonable), or B&N also offers the option of getting a select few in an even less expensive bundle.  Oh, lovely.

totally digging the bubblegum pink, yo


I can’t wait until I have a few dollars to spare for these beauties.  If I can wait, I might start hardcore hinting these for Christmas presents, but more than likely I’ll end up giving them instead of getting them, which is okay too.


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