A Liberating Penchant for Heels

I love Saturday mornings.  I never have anything to do until later in the day, which means I get to just sit around my lovely old apartment and drink coffee in my pajamas.  A friend of mine lent me Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence, and I have yet to start it because I’ve been reading other things… I’m not one of those people who reads multiple books at the same time (I suppose I could develop the talent, but it’s also something of a rule).  Today seems a perfect one to begin it.

But first, I am sharing my first fashion post.  My boyfriend is the drummer in a rock band based out of Nashville, and because he’s something of a celebrity at the shows he plays in town, I like to really go all out, fashion-wise, for the occasion.  A few Saturdays ago, they sold out Exit/In, and I wore this:

so summery

Actually, if I tell the whole story, this was my sister’s dress.  She bought it on one of our favorite websites, but it didn’t fit her.  Her loss was my gain, though; as much as she despised it, she gave the dress to me to wear.  This is what it looked like the night of the show:

in the middle. durr.

And you can’t see them, but I wore these babies with it:

the platform makes them tolerable

As a relatively tall girl at 5’10”, I was for a long time pretty self-conscious about my height.  I slouched and wore flats, which was about as much compensation as I could come up with, but it worked.  Then, in high school, I dated this guy that was a glorious 6’4″.  It was liberating.  I looked petite for the first time, next to this giant dude.  It was fantastic.  I bought my first real pair of heels within the first week of dating him.  After we broke up (it was probably only a few weeks later; my high school dating life was extremely punctuated), I was devastated – not about the guy, but about the heels(!) – for approximately one minute.  Enter, my first feminist thought, which was also quite liberating: I can wear heels by myself.  Ta-da!  Yes, I often end up scaling six feet or more in heels, but I’m so over being embarrassed.  And now, look at me!  I bought these shoes the other day:

so tall

I haven’t worn them yet, but I will.


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