Friday Favorite: Mumford & Sons

aren't they lovely

In a continuation of the semi-regular post under a common thread idea, I’ve chosen Fridays to share an ongoing collection of my current musical obsessions.

This week, I choose Mumford & Sons, in honor of their recently announced show here in Nashville in November (I got my tickets in a presale on Wednesday, hellyeah).

Mumford & Sons is coming up fast.  Their lyrics are simple and poetic, their music rollicking and complex.  I like to think of them as a sort of 2nd cousin to The Avett Brothers, trading the raw bluegrass overtones that makes the Avetts so compelling to listen to for the fuller, heavier feel of Celtic banjo and folk mandolin.  The young quartet put out their major label debut Sigh No More in February of this year and have since been accumulating some serious industry chops.  They were the talk of Bonnaroo this year, and their US tour has grown organically into sold out show after sold out show.  Their passionate energy and collective musical virtuoso is driving and contagious, and frankly, I’m overwhelmed.

Currently, an mp3 version of their debut album is available on Amazon for only $5.00, an absolute steal.  I highly recommend taking the plunge.  If you’re still hesitant, listen to tracks on their MySpace, specifically “Little Lion Man,” “The Cave,” “Thistle & Weeds,” and “Winter Winds,” and watch this video:


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