Not an Expert


I don’t have any definite plans for the purpose which I intend this blog to serve.  As a music journalist, I’ve been updating a portfolio website so as to collect and display my work.  As a writer, I’ve been chronicling my own experiences for over 7 years now, across hundreds and hundreds of pages.  So I have both the personal and the professional pretty well covered.  I suppose this will become my middle ground.

credit: to its content, I don’t have any real ideas about that either.  I understand enough about myself that I assume the shape this space might form would be purely an extension of my life’s passions, which include artistic standards like music, literature, culture, poetry, culinary arts, fashion, and photography, among so many other things.

credit: that, I see this as a small offering to the world… a way to appreciate music, beautiful things, poignant words, good food, and brilliant people.  Because really, I don’t claim to be an expert on anything.  I know a lot about a few things, but mostly I’m still learning.


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